"Room to breathe" TM

In business the unexpected happens. We have Boris Johnson as British Prime Minister, Donald Trump/Joe Biden for the US Election, the finalisation of Britain and the EU.

Of course the overwhelming situation of COVID-19 and the local and global impact that has had upon us all.

The global economy is being driven very strongly by the High Technology and a well established internet economy.

The uncertain worldwide economy with all its usual risks. More corporate uncertainty than ever but more opportunities for new markets and technologies (AI , Analytics) along with it. We live in interesting and changing times, even more so than the past 18 years or so.

Growth strategies but also Cost containment (both short term and for the future) has never been so imperative. As is future cost avoidance, corporate fitness and organisational flexibility.

Most businesses have matured and recognised the need to be able to Harness technology and to have an organisation that can react to market challenges with incredible speed. The need to get the cost base low, avoid unnecessary future cost and develop the business to grow at the same time.

Many CEO's know that an awareness of Analytics, Artificial intelligence and its uses with "Big Data" bring game changing competitive advantage.

And finally having data at your fingertips so rightsizing and reorganisation can be done on the basis of facts.


OXYGEN ASSOCIATES's primary objective is simple:

Deliver lasting and substantial improvements within our clients business by:

  • Increasing Revenues (AI and Big Data)
  • Reducing Costs (IT and Telecoms areas)
  • Mergers and Acquisitions (Technology and Infrastructure Synergies by avoiding duplication and cost)

We help clients transform performance and implement organisational change to developing innovative strategies with huge short term financial results.


"The data based approach linked with clear solutions has made a major positive impact on our profitability and helped in making some long overdue strategic decisions"

from Managing Director, Large High Street Retailer.


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