Industry Experience.

Oxygen Associates has experience in all the above sectors with the exceptions of Central Government, Local Government, many areas of the Ministry of the Defence, Pharmaceuticals, Consumer travel (Passenger services) and re-insurance.

Significant and successful Deployments have been completed across Financial Services, Retail/Consumer, Logistics (cross industry and global) , Manufacturing (Both Discrete and Process, with particular skills in the Oil Industry), Automotive and Technology Industries.

Cultural Change.

(eg. Storm - Form - Norm - Perform, Overcoming inertia, Business Phase recognition)

At a customer level much is changing with the more pervasive "lifestyle" adoption of technology. In particular demographics, time of day, location and preferences give a very wide range of new marketing opportunities and challenges.

At Board level - Mergers and Acquisitions are occurring with increased frequency but the the divestment of worn pieces of the business and the cost/benefit realisation of profits from effective mergers are often flatly ignored.

One senior board member commented "We are great at launching new initiatives, but we are seldom sure where, or if, they land successfully".