Reducing Costs

In boom times cost containment or even a real handle on the day to day costs can slip down the priority list.

However in recessionary times it is also important to reduce costs but not to the detriment of the businesses day to day success or restrict the ability to grow quickly once the economic outlook improves.

In short "Cut the fat, not the muscle, with an Eye on future growth".

Oxygen Associates uses a "Data driven" approach. We get down to the detail of the real costs of the business and make our recommendations from the point of detailed accurate knowledge. We have a set number of top down 'Quick Benefit' cost saving strategies that have predictable cost reduction properties. So with the real cost data, proven strategies confirm that a short term project can be devised that is presented in terms of IRR%, Discounted Cashflow, Cash Recovery and Future Cost Avoidance (wasteful purchases replaced with good policies).

As Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) become even more common place one persistent problem remains. The mechanics of the acquisition side tends to be fairly well understood, however the promised economy of scale benefits are rarely seen through and measured.


  1. A data driven approach, to get the real facts
  2. Process duplication streamlining
  3. Cultural change and unification methods

The benefits can then be realised in practise.

On rare occasions we will undertake suspected fraud investigations and risk avoidance planning.