Research & Solutions

Research - We undertake industry, issue and technology research on a global or local country demographic level to give clients proof points and surety in their decisions.

Data drives everything we do. Solid upto the minute facts linked with both innovative and long established strategies make for successful endeavours, a fusion of the old and the new.

Major current research areas:

1.    Location Based services (location, job role, time of day, security identification).


2.    Broadband/Broadcast integration.


3.    Global Consulting and System integration Partnerships.

4.    Technology adoption in Global emerging markets,

     a.    (Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe, South America)

5.    New technology solutions and models,

     a.    Eg Greater focus on mobile applications
     b.    Lighter, simpler "apps" and software components
     c.    "Cloud" components
     d.    Virtual Global IT provision
     e.    Transactional computing for Corporates and Consumers

6.    Monetisation of the new models,

     a.    How we get paid

     b.    What Business are we really in? (Profit centres versus Necessary loss leaders)

     c.    How incumbents protect revenues and market share

We work with all strata of organisations to get the correct client result. Software vendors, Consultants, Systems integrators, Hardware specialists, Telecoms and Mobile data providers, Broadcast and Media Companies and Security and Encryption Companies all have a role to play.





Alliances, Sales Channel, Technology Collaborations, Federal liasion, Co-Funding and Joint Ventures.

Having Alliances and partnerships on all levels of business has never been so important. No business organisation can do everything in-house in todays world. So we all have to rely on trusted partners with whom we can deliver a quality, predictable and still flexible solution to our joint customers.

To Achieve this your organisation needs to be,

1. Focussing 2/3/5 and sometimes ten years into the future, not just planning for the next product launch in 6 weeks but making bold decisions that change the game in your industry.

2. Searching for Critical Allignment Partners at all the leverage points within your industry, recognising that no one can do it all by themselves. Modern business velocity make business a team sport.

3. Recognising that the new business partners will be a mix of government agencies, University research departments, Fledgling technology developers and long established "Safe Hands" institutions such as Banks, Management Consultants, Accountants, Manufacturers and Systems Integration Prime Contactors.